Current Progress, needs translator… Most recently, VOLUME 1, Chapter 4, part 2 of 2 (Updated 2/22/2017)

VOLUME 1 needs translator…: 55% (Most recently Chapter 4 (Part 2 of 2) on 22/02/17)

Volume One: The “Borderland Hero-Wannabe” Arc


Welcome to “My Master is the Princess Wildcat”! Translated by Boxywood.

Hey, guys! My name’s hikaslap, and I’m happy to introduce to you our translation of Goshujin-sama wa Yamaneko-Hime, or My Master is the Princess Wildcat, by Kazuyuki Takami. Your translator Boxywood is an avid reader, with whom I’ve had some great conversations about literature! But what about this book?

This series, which we shorten to just Yamaneko, is a coming of age story set in Medieval China. In this story, even though there are healthy doses of politics and warfare, it’s truly about connection, family, and trust between peoples, as our translator’s introduction will attest.

Also, there’s a certain “wildcat” princess chasing the poor boy around. Something like that would make a man out of anyone.

If you like this story, make sure you’re grateful to Takami-sensei first of all, but also to our hardworking translator Boxywood! Thanks everybody!

-hikaslap, Yamaneko supervisor

It’s been almost a year, so…

Let’s give up the ghost. There haven’t been any updates on this site for awhile, nor any word from the translator, despite all the effort we/I can afford.

Sorry for doing this without telling you, Boxywood, but I somehow feel it’s more right to do it like this, considering how little we’ve been managing to keep in touch. I guess I don’t want the first time you reply back to me in months to be a response to a email from me, saying the project is closing—but you know, if you want to talk about it, I’m all ears.

We’re shelving Yamaneko, unless someone else wants to pick it up. It’s a good story, and good art! What we’ve done will be left here, so please enjoy what we have so far.

Thanks for reading.


(Oh, I posted a bit more today, actually. I thought that Boxy and the editors would revise chapter 4-2, but she/they never got around to it, so I’ve just gone and posted it here. Sorry for not doing this earlier—she actually finished it in April of last year, and it’s February now. Mmph. )




Having some communication issues…

Hey everybody, it’s hikaslap, the admin for the project.

I haven’t heard anything substantial from Boxy, our translator, in a long time. Communication issues, lack of email replies, etc, the general bane of translation efforts here. I fully understand that this project is in something of a gray area, and if this goes on too long we may have to declare it inactive.

I think there’s another part somewhere we haven’t uploaded. If I can get that edited, I’ll put it up, but we got it from Boxy back in April or something.

Thanks for your understanding.



Sorry for, uh…

Let’s see, it’s now August, and our last update was in April. Time sure flies when you’re not posting stuff to the page… just kidding.

Hi everybody, it’s hikaslap, and I’m here to tell you that, uh, there have been some communication hiccups. Currently, Boxy will be dark for awhile because of visa problems, and she’ll be in China very soon, but hopefully things will tide down soon. I’ll keep you posted more actively than I have.

Thanks, everybody!


Sorry for not updating for, like, 2 months~

Let’s see, it’s now June, and our last update was in April. Time sure flies when you’re not posting stuff to the page…

Hi everyone, it’s me hikaslap. Boxywood is on the other side of the world, and presumably sleeping right now, so I’m just going to make this post in her stead. We’re sorry! Life for Boxy in particular has been very confusing and stressful lately. She’s been changing jobs, and now moving to teach in China (she’s not Chinese either so this is pretty cool). Now there’s a lot of official bother with certification and documents and other things.

Well, as penance, we’ve posted a ton of stuff that we had mostly completed, but never was quite done enough to upload. But now it is! Yay! That’s all of chapter 3 and some of 4.

The next update will, with luck, be next week. It’s been hard for us to figure out a schedule since Boxy’s life seems particularly hectic, but here’s to hoping we’ll get that figured out someday…



A welcome post from our translator!

If I had to use only one word to describe the book – it would definitely be “hopeful”. Then I would pause, break my own rules and add another word! – “Yamaneko books are all about trust.”

About people reaching out despite their differences, desperately searching for the compromise on the promise of future peace.

About how sometimes a blade of grass is a better treasure than all of the world’s riches combined.

About languages bridging the gap between cultures.

About finding one’s own worth and carrying out one’s own ideals. About taking up the cause and defending peace. About how there’s no right side in war.

About family.

This is the tale of growing up; of trust and betrayal, love and duty. But really, isn’t all that just the part of becoming an adult?

There’ll be humor and a bit of angst, military strategy and political intrigue, with a side dish of history lesson. As a special bonus there’ll be a lot about nomads in the series, who are extremely quirky, and who rule–in every sense of the word.

But Yamaneko doesn’t give up its own secrets easily. The narrative starts off like a quiet melody: calm, unobtrusive. Ordinary. Then the tempo gets faster, more intense. You read. More time passes. The pace picks up bit by bit. And suddenly you get swept up in the whirlwind of conflicting motivations and plot twists. Suddenly it’s not about just one man or one country. The whole world lies bare beneath your feet…

..And what do you mean they XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Whoops, sorry. Spoiler.



P.S.: Also, female characters here? Totally rock =)