A welcome post from our translator!

If I had to use only one word to describe the book – it would definitely be “hopeful”. Then I would pause, break my own rules and add another word! – “Yamaneko books are all about trust.”

About people reaching out despite their differences, desperately searching for the compromise on the promise of future peace.

About how sometimes a blade of grass is a better treasure than all of the world’s riches combined.

About languages bridging the gap between cultures.

About finding one’s own worth and carrying out one’s own ideals. About taking up the cause and defending peace. About how there’s no right side in war.

About family.

This is the tale of growing up; of trust and betrayal, love and duty. But really, isn’t all that just the part of becoming an adult?

There’ll be humor and a bit of angst, military strategy and political intrigue, with a side dish of history lesson. As a special bonus there’ll be a lot about nomads in the series, who are extremely quirky, and who rule–in every sense of the word.

But Yamaneko doesn’t give up its own secrets easily. The narrative starts off like a quiet melody: calm, unobtrusive. Ordinary. Then the tempo gets faster, more intense. You read. More time passes. The pace picks up bit by bit. And suddenly you get swept up in the whirlwind of conflicting motivations and plot twists. Suddenly it’s not about just one man or one country. The whole world lies bare beneath your feet…

..And what do you mean they XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Whoops, sorry. Spoiler.



P.S.: Also, female characters here? Totally rock =)


One thought on “A welcome post from our translator!

  1. Sounds supper interesting. I am a little worried because I read it and I am hooked but it might get dropped. This is what I get for not reading the announcements you posted before reading the novel. Anyway thanks for the work so far and I will be rooting for it continuation !!!


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